Pay Using Credit Card
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Please follow the instructions outlined below, that explain how to pay using Visa or Mastercard or PayPal.

Select any of the websites shown below:

  1. Switchere
  2. CoinMama
  4. PayPal

Any of these options above accept credit cards or debit cards.

Kindly note that you will need to know two important details in order to use these options.:

  1. Our Bitcoin Address (Click Here For QR Code): 3NUULz5TzypBoAvEr8oPafKnuEonRw1R2C
  2. The current value of bitcoin (BTC), in the dollar amount (USD) you wish to pay. (see below)


$10 = 0.00015 BTC

$35 = 0.00053 BTC

$100 = 0.0015 BTC

$350 = 0.0053 BTC

Proceed with payment, and send us a receipt once you finish.

Contact us!!