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Place a Free Ad on Rub Places in our Free Listings section. These free ads are self managed. If you want a Premium Ad that is featured prominently on our website, the cost is $35 monthly.

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The Best ads on the internet, because we just do it better.

It is easy to place an ad on our website, because we made it really simple. All you do is fill out the form above, as it only has a few questions. After you fill out the form you make payment, and that's all it takes.

Top Ads, because they convert


You Get All This Stuff

A photo and a few lines of text, because that will not work.

Your Ad has plenty of components, because they are all necessary for a good ad.

Classy Ads, so what are you waiting on!!

HD Photo

You get calls from customers 70% of the time based on your photo, so we take this stuff seriously. Customers get attracted by good photos, so we ensure that your photos are enhanced in HD for maximum impact. 

Top Ads, so you start making money right away.

A Thousand Word Article

A professional ad must have a lot to say, so we write as much as possible.

Google loves a well written article, so we guarantee a perfect 1000 words page article.

Best Mode Ads, so you get to keep all the revenue.

Keyword Targeting

There are specific keywords in every niche, so keyword research is vital for ranking.

Your competition is using keywords to rank, so we analyze what works and out perform them, 

Targeted Ads, so you can get new clients.

On Page SEO

A clean, easy to read web page converts better, so we add all the top hat hidden strategies in SEO.

A well organized web page that converts, so rest assured that your web page gets every bell and whistle.

Top performing ads, so lets get started

Links from top websites are crucial, so we contact webmasters and request them for links.

Search engines use backlinks as a measure of authority, so we request hundreds of sites to link to your web page. 

Premium Advertizers now recieve 10,000,000 backlinks monthly, for top Google rating. Receive massive traffic!

Get 10 Million Backlinks
10 Million Backlinks!!

Social Signals

Reddit links are important, because they tell Google that people are talking about your business.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all important social sites, so we ensure you get plenty of links from sites that have good social traffic.


The Cost to Place An Ad

Cheap Ads that work, because we know SEO.

The price is only $35 monthly to place an ad, and this includes everything you need to get sufficient traffic. We do not have any upsells or upgrades, but simply one price for a custom ad on our website.

Placing Ads in Multiple Cities

Your Ad is seen in multiple cities at the same time, so just let us know.

It costs $35 for each city, so let us know which additional cities you want to add.

Your Preferred Place An Ad Payment Options

Making payment should not be a problem, because we accept them all.

We accept over 300 payment methods from every country, so you are sure to find a payment method that works for you. Payments are processed by Paxful, because they are one of the best payment providers on the web.

The Place An Ad Duration

Your best 30 days are in our hands, because we never rest until you get traffic.

The ad duration is 30 days, so remember to renew  before it expires. We send out renewal notices via email a few days before the ad expires, so don't  worry you will be notified.

Your Ad Needs Changes?

To Make changes on an ad is really easy, because we do it in a jiffy.

For desired changes to an ad simply notify us via email, and the changes will be made within a few hours.

Your Expected Traffic

Tons of traffic fast, because that's what we do best.

Our website has thousands of visitors each day, so you are likely to have plenty of traffic.

Place An Ad and Request More Traffic

Doubling your traffic is no problem, because we have tons of customers.

Not getting sufficient traffic? Let us know via email, and we will do everything possible to give you more traffic.

You want to Cancel the Ad

Need to cancel your ad, because it's a no brainer.

To cancel the ad at any time is super easy, as our support team is available via email.

Make your request in writing, however,. please note that canceling an ad that has already been published will require Admin Approval.

You're Place An Ad Refund

Want your money back, so follow the rules.

Once our Ad team has designed and placed the ad it is no longer refundable, because time and money have been spent creating it.


The Place An Ad Requirements

Must be 18 to place an ad, so get ready to show some ID.

To place an ad please adhere to the requirements below, so that we can approve your ad quickly.

  • You cannot provide any illegal services, as this will get everyone in trouble..
  • Must be of legal age, because that is the law.
  • Cannot place an ad for someone else, because we do not want to be sued..
  • Human trafficking is not allowed, because that is a very serious offence.


Mohamed's Spa in Timbuktu, and the Desert Call Girls.

Advertise in any City, as our website is Global. If your city is not listed we will add it in minutes, so go ahead and place your ad.


It doesn't matter what gender you are, so let's get the show on the .

We place ads for all genders ,so don't worry we got you covered.


Jones in the house, so let's get you poppin like it's hot.

All Male providers are welcome to place their ads on our website, so simply fill out the form above.


Hot Girls Want Money, so you came to the right place.

The majority of ads on our website are by female providers, so we would love to place an ad for you.


Atlanta's Best TS Providers, so what are you waiting for?

Transsexuals' or TS ads are always welcome, as a policy we do not discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation.


Types of Ads Allowed

Ronda's Spa in West Palm Beach Florida, so let's get you discovered.

We allow the following types of ads, so be sure your ad is on the list.

Massage Ads

Your Parlor offers In calls and Out calls, so let us create your Ad today!!

All Therapists or Providers are gladly accepted on this website, so please fill out the form above.

Day Spa Ads

Elegant Day Spas looking to boost sales, so what are you waiting for?

Ads are welcome on this website, so please ensure you complete verification for at least one of your staff. 

Escort Ads

Big Butt Escorts looking to make money, because we specialize in promoting your business.

We accept all ads on this website, so make sure you complete the form above properly.

Webcam Ads

Sexy girls making money, as independent models.

Don't let the big companies take all your money. You can get a ad, and get paid directly by your customers. Keep 100% of the funds, so you make more money.

Webcam Models Wanted
Make $2000 per week as a model

Call Girl Ads

Sexy Call girls looking for clients, because we can create an amazing ad for you.

This website would not be special and unique without ads, so kindly place your ad above.

Brothel Ads

Is your in Australia or in Nevada, because we can place your ad today.

Our customers love ads, because they bring so much entertainment to our website visitors.

Escort Agency Ads

You have an agency with several girls, so you can advertise here.

We welcome all agencies, so please ensure your complete verification for at least one of your staff. 

Sale of Merchandise

Are you selling Dildos, because you found the right place!!

We allow some merchants and store owners to advertise on this website, for instance toys or enhancement pharmaceuticals and products.

Free Job Listings

Post Job Listings on Rub Places for Jobs, Jobs and Therapist Jobs. All job postings are 100% Free. Post your Free Job Listing Today.

Massage Jobs
Click here to see Job Listings

Your Place An Ad Photos

The wise man says a photo speaks a thousand words, so take a good pic.

Your photos are essential, so please give us your very best. If you do not have photos of your own we will create some for you, so rest assured our team of experts will assist you on this.

Age Verification

FOSTA and SESTA laws are in full effect, so we must comply.

New laws are in place that require you to verify your age, so we will not approve any ads unless you can prove you are 18 years or older. This is not negotiable, because the penalty for placing underage ads is severe for website owners.

Types of Ads Not Allowed

Some Ads are not allowed, so read and understand.

The list below is for ads that are not allowed on this website, so please read it carefully.

Under Age Ads

You cannot advertise minors on this website, because that is illegal.

We do not allow under age ads, so please do not place any ads that depict underage providers.

Third Party Ads

Your friend told you to place an ad for her, because that's not allowed.

Ads that belong to someone else are not allowed, so please ensure that you are the owner of the business that is advertising on this website.

You Place An Ad with Beastly Photos

Nude photos of any minor are not allowed, and will get you locked up for a long time.

We do Not Allow Ads with unpleasant photos that show rape, with animals, with children, mutilation or savagery, so please do not place those types of ads.

You place an ad selling Illegal Services

Selling slaves here is not allowed, because that's illegal.

Your business or services must be legal, because we do not allow any illegal activity when you place an ad on this site.

Do Not Place an Ad that's Defamatory

Want to get back at your Ex with a Sleazy Ad, because that is not allowed here.

We do not allow ads that malign or defame any service provider, because that is simply not cool.

Ads of a Different Genre as the Website

Selling spare parts online, and want to place an ad?

Selling goods or services that are not related to this website is not allowed, so please read through our requirements carefully.


You Place An Ad and get a Take Down Notice

Some Ads are offensive to other people, so pay attention to this rule.

All take down notices including DMCA claims are upheld, because we are in no position to adjudicate those claims. If your ad is removed due to a DMCA or take down request it is not refundable, so please ensure your ads are compliant. 

Ad Ownership Clause

All Ad Webpages, and Media Assets, such as but not limited to Ad Copy, Photos and Videos, are the Property of MassageRubPlaces.com. Any changes, additions, or deletions, must be approved by MassageRubPlaces.com.

Jurisdiction is the meeting place of a legal dispute, and it happens in our town.

Any court in Atlanta Georgia of competent jurisdiction handles disputes. because this is where we are based.

The Place An Ad Dispute Mechanism

Misunderstandings happen sometimes, but we try to resolve them fairly.

Statutes of the State of Georgia USA Governs all Disputes, and this includes mediation as outlined by Georgia law.

Our Place An Ad Testimonials

Your testimonials are posted here, so them in.

We'd love to place your ad on our website, and we are delighted to share some of our customer reviews.

Best Advertising Company Ever

Dan and the team do amazing work, and are simply amazing. “Total Bellas Spa” 

Awesome Advertising Company 

I am delighted to be advertising with this company in Saudi Arabia, and I am very pleased. “Qadira Mohammad”

Great TS Advertiser

They placed my TS Ad with no hustle, and I am truly delighted.”Ruby Smith”

I'm hooked for life

Placed ads with many companies in the past, but this one is just great.”Regina Thompson”

The Best Massage Ad 

My ad brought many customers, and I am very grateful, “Dae Wang”